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Cauda, Valentina; Szeifert, Johann M.; Merk, Karin; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, Dina and Bein, Thomas (2011): All-inorganic core-shell silica-titania mesoporous colloidal nanoparticles showing orthogonal functionality. In: Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 21, No. 36: pp. 13817-13824 [PDF, 371kB]


Colloidal mesoporous silica (CMS) nanoparticles with a thin titania-enriched outer shell showing a spatially resolved functionality were synthesized by a delayed co-condensation approach. The titaniashell can serve as a selective nucleation site for the growth of nanocrystalline anatase clusters. These fully inorganic pure silica-core titania-enriched shell mesoporous nanoparticles show orthogonal functionality, demonstrated through the selective adsorption of a carboxylate-containing ruthenium N3-dye. UV-Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy indicate the strong interaction of the N3-dye with the titania-phase at the outer shell of the CMS nanoparticles. In particular, this interaction and thus the selective functionalization are greatly enhanced when anatase nanocrystallites are nucleated at the titania-enriched shell surface.

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