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Sharma, Gangavaram V. M.; Harinada Chary, Devoju; Chandramouli, Nagula; Achrainer, Florian; Patrudu, Sateesh and Zipse, Hendrik (2011): Free radical 5-exo-dig cyclization as the key step in the synthesis of bis-butyrolactone natural products: experimental and theoretical studies. In: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol. 9, No. 11: pp. 4079-4084 [PDF, 354kB]


Radical cyclization reactions were performed by 5-exo-dig mode to yield cis-fused bicyclic systems, leading to the synthesis of bis-butyrolactone class of natural products. The study was aimed at understanding the impact of alkyl side chains of furanoside ring systems in L-ara configuration on the radical cyclization. It was amply demonstrated by experimental studies that the increase in the length of the alkyl side chain has an effect on the cyclization: while efficient cyclization reactions could be realized with methyl and ethyl side chains, the yields were significantly reduced in the case of n-pentyl side chain. Theoretical studies using DFT and (RO)MP2 methods were carried out to analyze the influence of the substitution pattern on the cyclization barriers.

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