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Znakovskaya, I.; Hoff, Philipp von den; Schirmel, N.; Urbasch, G.; Zherebtsov, S.; Bergues, B.; Vivie-Riedle, Regina de; Weitzel, K.-M.; Kling, Matthias F. (2011): Waveform control of orientation-dependent ionization of DCl in few-cycle laser fields. In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 13, No. 19: pp. 8653-8658


Strong few-cycle light fields with stable electric field waveforms allow controlling electrons on time scales down to the attosecond domain. We have studied the dissociative ionization of randomly oriented DCl in 5 fs light fields at 720 nm in the tunneling regime. Momentum distributions of D+ and Cl+ fragments were recorded via velocity-map imaging. A waveformdependent anti-correlated directional emission of D+ and Cl+ fragments is observed. Comparison of our results with calculations indicates that tailoring of the light field via the carrier envelope phase permits the control over the orientation of DCl+ and in turn the directional emission of charged fragments upon the breakup of the molecular ion.