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Kanelidis, Iohannis; Vaneski, Aleksandar; Lenkeit, Daniel; Pelz, Simon; Elsner, Victoria; Stewart, Raphaela M.; Rodríguez-Fernández, Jessica; Lutich, Andrey A.; Susha, Andrei S.; Theissmann, Ralf; Adamczyk, Sylwia; Rogach, Andrey L. and Holder, Elisabeth (2011): Inorganic–organic nanocomposites of CdSe nanocrystals surface-modified with oligo- and poly(fluorene) moieties. In: Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 21: pp. 2656-2662 [PDF, 359kB]


We report a facile grafting-from strategy towards the synthesis of inorganic–organic composites of semiconductor nanocrystals and wide-bandgap polymers. Amino-functional fluorenes have been used as co-ligands for CdSe nanocrystals, thus enabling us to design their surface directly during the synthesis. Highly monodisperse, strongly emitting CdSe nanocrystals have been obtained. Subsequently, a straightforward Yamamoto C–C coupling protocol was used to carry out surface polymerisation, hence modifying CdSe nanocrystals with oligo- and poly(fluorene) moieties. Both amino-fluorene capped CdSe nanocrystals and the resulting nanocrystal–polymer composites were characterized in detail by optical and FT-IR spectroscopy, TEM, AFM, and gel permeation chromatography, showing their potential as novel functional inorganic–organic hybrid materials.

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