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Dürr, Hans R.; Krödel, Andreas; Trouillier, Hans; Lienemann, Andreas and Refior, Hans J. (1999): Fibromatosis of the Plantar Fascia: Diagnosis and Indications For Surgical Treatment. In: Foot & Ankle International, Vol. 20, No. 1: pp. 13-17 [PDF, 619kB]


Plantar fibromatosis is a rare, benign lesion involving the plantar aponeurosis. Eleven patients (13 feet) underwent 24 operations, including local excision, wide excision, or complete plantar fasciectomy. Clinical results were evaluated retrospectively. There were no differences among the subgroups in postoperative complications. Two primary fasciectomies did not recur. Three of six revised fasciectomies, seven of nine wide excisions, and six of seven local excisions recurred. Our results indicate that recurrence of plantar fibromatosis after surgical resection can be reduced by aggressive initial surgical resection.

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