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Terziyska, Nadia; Castro Alves, Catarina; Groiss, Volker; Schneider, Katja; Farkasova, Katarina; Ogris, Manfred; Wagner, Ernst; Ehrhardt, Harald; Brentjens, Renier J.; zur Stadt, Udo; Horstmann, Martin; Quintanilla-Martinez, Leticia and Jeremias, Irmela (2012): In vivo imaging enables high resolution preclinical trials on patients' leukemia cells growing in mice.
In: PLOS ONE 7(12), e52798 [PDF, 1MB]

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Xenograft mouse models represent helpful tools for preclinical studies on human tumors. For modeling the complexity of the human disease, primary tumor cells are by far superior to established cell lines. As qualified exemplary model, patients' acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells reliably engraft in mice inducing orthotopic disseminated leukemia closely resembling the disease in men. Unfortunately, disease monitoring of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in mice is hampered by lack of a suitable readout parameter.

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