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Schneider, Matthias N.; Biquard, Xavier; Stiewe, Christian; Schröder, Thorsten; Urban, Philipp and Oeckler, Oliver (2012): From metastable to stable modifications-in situ Laue diffraction investigation of diffusion processes during the phase transitions of (GeTe)(n)Sb2Te3 (6 < n < 15) crystals. In: Chemical Communications, Vol. 48, No. 16: pp. 2192-2194 [PDF, 1MB]

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Temperature dependent phase transitions of compounds (GeTe)nSb2Te3 (n = 6, 12, 15) have been investigated by in situ microfocus Laue diffraction. Diffusion processes involving cation defect ordering at B300 8C lead to different nanostructures which are correlated to changes of the thermoelectric characteristics.

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