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Hinterholzinger, Florian M.; Wuttke, Stefan; Roy, Pascal; Preuße, Thomas; Schaate, Andreas; Behrens, Peter; Godt, Adelheid and Bein, Thomas (2012): Highly oriented surface-growth and covalent dye labeling of mesoporous metal-organic frameworks. In: Dalton Transactions, Vol. 41, No. 14: pp. 3899-3901 [PDF, 2MB]

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Mesoporous amino-functionalized metal–organic framework thin films with the UiO-68 topology were grown in a highly oriented fashion on two different self-assembled monolayers on gold. The oriented MOF films were covalently modified with the fluorescent dye Rhodamine B inside the pore system, as demonstrated with size-selective fluorescence quenching studies. Our study suggests that mesoporous metal–organic frameworks are promising hosts for the covalent attachment of numerous functional moieties in a molecularly designed crystalline environment.

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