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Mühlbach, Hermine; Mohr, Christian A.; Ruzsics, Zsolt and Koszinowski, Ulrich H. (December 2009): Dominant-Negative Proteins in Herpesviruses - From Assigning Gene Function to Intracellular Immunization. In: Viruses, Vol. 1, No. 3: pp. 420-440 [PDF, 593kB]


Investigating and assigning gene functions of herpesviruses is a process, which profits from consistent technical innovation. Cloning of bacterial artificial chromosomes encoding herpesvirus genomes permits nearly unlimited possibilities in the construction of genetically modified viruses. Targeted or randomized screening approaches allow rapid identification of essential viral proteins. Nevertheless, mapping of essential genes reveals only limited insight into function. The usage of dominant-negative (DN) proteins has been the tool of choice to dissect functions of proteins during the viral life cycle. DN proteins also facilitate the analysis of host-virus interactions. Finally, DNs serve as starting-point for design of new antiviral strategies.

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