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Melbinger, Anna; Reichenbach, Tobias; Franosch, Thomas and Frey, Erwin (March 2011): Driven transport on parallel lanes with particle exclusion and obstruction. In: Physical Review E, Vol. 83, No. 3: 031923-1 [PDF, 954kB]


We investigate a driven two-channel system where particles on different lanes mutually obstruct each other's motion, extending an earlier model by Popkov and Peschel Phys. Rev. E 64, 026126 (2001)]. This obstruction may occur in biological contexts due to steric hinderance where motor proteins carry cargos by "walking" on microtubules. Similarly, the model serves as a description for classical spin transport where charged particles with internal states move unidirectionally on a lattice. Three regimes of qualitatively different behavior are identified, depending on the strength of coupling between the lanes. For small and large coupling strengths the model can be mapped to a one-channel problem, whereas a rich phase behavior emerges for intermediate ones. We derive an approximate but quantitatively accurate theoretical description in terms of a one-site cluster approximation, and obtain insight into the phase behavior through the current-density relations combined with an extremal-current principle. Our results are confirmed by stochastic simulations.

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