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Strobel, Erwin; Emminger, Ch.; Mayer, G.; Eberle, J. and Gürtler, L. (1998): Detection of HIV-1 infection in dried blood spots from a 12-year-old ABO bedside test card. In: Vox Sanguinis, No. 4: pp. 303-305 [PDF, 104kB]


Background and Objectives: We tested dried blood from an ABO bedside test card which had been stored at room temperature for 12 years, to prove that a patient with HIV-1 infection had been infected by blood transfusion. Materials and Methods: Immunoblots for HIV-1 antibodies and threefold PCRs with half-nested primers for the HIV-1 integrase gene were done with eluates from the dried blood spots. Results: HIV-1 antibodies and HIV-1 DNA could be detected in the sample from one unit of blood, but not from the two other units or from the recipient before transfusion. Conclusion: Further studies should be done on the validity of stored dried blood as an alternative to the storage of frozen donor serum for several years for `look-back' studies.

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