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Gerbes, Alexander L. and Gülberg, Veit (2012): Aszites, Pfortaderthrombose und hepatische Enzephalopathie bei Leberzirrhose: Aktuelle Therapieempfehlungen. In: Viszeralmedizin, No. 5: pp. 297-303 [PDF, 199kB]


Treatment of Ascites, Portal Vein Thrombosis and Hepatic Encephalopathy in Patients with Cirrhosis of the Liver Background: Ascites, portal vein thrombosis and hepatic encephalopathy are important complications of cirrhosis of the liver. Guidelines for the treatment of ascites have recently been published. Method: This manuscript summarizes up-to-date recommendations on the basis of the DGVS S3 guideline and of other guidelines as well as of the authors' experience. Results and Conclusions: TIPS (transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt) is the preferred treatment for refractory or recidivant ascites unless there are contraindications. The therapy of hepatorenal syndrome type 1 with albumin and the vasoconstrictor Terlipressin has been proven effective. Treatment of portal vein thrombosis comprises a strategy of anticoagulation, TIPS and liver transplantation. The most important therapeutic strategy for hepatic encephalopathy is the search for as well as the treatment of trigger events. Rifaximin is being increasingly used for the treatment and prophylaxis of hepatic encephalopathy.

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