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Tominschek, Igor; Schiepek, Günter; Mehl, Claudia; Maier, Kristina; Heinzel, Stephan; Bauhofer, Christoph; Berbic, Benjamin und Zaudig, Michael (2008): Real-Time-Monitoring in der Behandlung von Zwangsstörungen: Technologie und Fallbeispiel. In: Verhaltenstherapie, Nr. 3: S. 146-152


Background: New methods of internet-based real-time monitoring of psychotherapy processes allow for the documentation, analysis, and data-driven control of behaviour therapy. Daily ratings of the patient result in highly resolved time series of the change dynamics. Method and Patient: The Synergetic Navigation System was used in the treatment setting of a day hospital. This method is specialized in the representation of critical instabilities and pattern transitions of the process. The patient of this case report had the combined diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depressive episodes. Result: Quantitative time-series and qualitative data from the internet-assisted diaries mirror important features of the change process. Conclusion: The method could help optimise treatment effects of behavioural interventions by using the feedback on necessary conditions, appropriate timing, and short-term effects of these interventions. Patients' motivation for change can be enhanced and the navigation system realises the continuous documentation of treatment processes and effects.