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Schaub, Annette; Kopinke, Jana; Neusser, Anke and Charypar, Marketa (2007): Kognitiv-psychoedukative Gruppenintervention bei stationären Patienten mit depressiven Erkrankungen – Ergebnisse einer prospektiven Pilotstudie. In: Verhaltenstherapie, No. 3: pp. 167-173 [PDF, 89kB]

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Background: Psychoeducational interventions that provide disorder-related information in a goal-oriented and structured manner have been integrated in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic approaches. The present cognitive psychoeducational group programme for inpatients with affective disorders is based on a multidimensional functional illness concept which covers aspects of vulnerability, stressors and coping strategies. It covers information about the disorder and its treatment options, building up rewarding activities, cognitive restructuring and relapse prevention. Materials und Methods: This programme was developed and modified at the University of Munich, Department of Psychiatry (LMU). A feasibility study was set up in a follow-up single group design and analyses of variance (ANOVAs) were performed. A total of 231 patients participated in 46 groups. Results: 125 patients evaluated the effectiveness of the programme and its treatment strategies. The group programme was widely accepted among patients that were pharmacologically and psychotherapeutically treated: more than three quarters of the patients rated its contents to be informative, helpful and applicable to everyday living. Conclusions: Inpatients with affective disorders may already benefit from a structured group programme if it takes into account their cognitive and motivational deficits. The group leaders' didactic and psychotherapeutic strategies as well as the patients' exchanging ideas with each other play a central role. In the course of further investigations the programme was differentiated for patients with major depression or bipolar disorders.

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