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Hegerl, Ulrich (2005): Depression und Suizidalität. In: Verhaltenstherapie, No. 1: pp. 6-11 [PDF, 247kB]


Even if the freedom to suicide is part of our human existence, about 90% of all suicides occur in the context of psychiatric disorders and thus in states of limited power of judgment. Depressive disorders represent the most frequent cause for suicides. Thus, optimization of medical care for depressive patients is one of the most promising strategies to prevent suicides. In the context of the `Nuremberg Alliance Against Depression' it came to an obvious reduction of suicidal acts compared to a baseline year and compared to the control region of Wurzburg. The reduction could be reached by a cooperation with GPs, multipliers such as teachers, priests, geriatric caregivers and the media, through intensive public relations work and through support of self help activities. This approach is carried forward within the Germany-wide `Alliance Against Depression' and within the `European Alliance Against Depression' ( EAAD) which is funded by the European Commission. In the last part of the article the suicide- preventive, but also the possible suicide-inducing effect of antidepressants is discussed.

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