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Abdallah-Steinkopff, Barbara (1999): Psychotherapie bei Posttraumatischer Belastungsstörung unter Mitwirkung von Dolmetschern. In: Verhaltenstherapie, No. 4: pp. 211-220 [PDF, 121kB]


This article provides an impression of the cooperation with interpreters in the treatment of traumatized refugees. After a short presentation of the treatment concept and cultural aspects, which are of concern for therapy, the role of the interpreter as connection between client and therapist is described. Typical conflicts in the therapy with interpreters are exemplified in brief case reports. Facts possibly influencing the efficacy of the cooperation between interpreter and therapist are shown. This can be seen as an attempt to systematize experiences made in practice. A guideline for the therapy with interpreters is presented. The rules and methods considered as being important for the work should assure an effective cooperation and also promote the resources.

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