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Clement-Sengewald, Annette; Buchholz, Tina and Schütze, Karin (2000): Laser microdissection as a new approach to prefertilization genetic diagnosis. In: Pathobiology, No. 4-5: pp. 232-236 [PDF, 321kB]


The genetic status of oocytes can be determined by polar body (PB) analysis. Following PB extraction, a genetic evaluation is performed. As each PB contains the complementary genetic material of the oocyte, PB analysis reveals information about its genetic status. Genetically altered oocytes may then be excluded from in vitro fertilization. The aim of our study was to evaluate laser microdissection as a tool for PB extraction purposes. Compared to the PB extraction with a sharp-ending pipette only, we could show that laser microdissection of the zona pellucida (laser zona drilling) with a UV-A laser and subsequent extraction with a blunt-ending pipette decreases the degeneration rate of oocytes. It is shown that laser pressure catapulting of extracted PB enables their contact-free transfer into tubes, thus decreasing the risk of contamination for further analysis. Copyright (C) 2001 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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