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Bauer, Matthäus; Baumann, Anja; Berger, Karin; Ackermann, Birgit; Shlaen, Rita; Schopohl, Dorothee and Ostermann, Helmut (2012): A Retrospective Observational Single-Centre Study on the Burden of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP). In: Onkologie, No. 6: pp. 342-348 [PDF, 311kB]


Background: German data on economic consequences of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) are limited. Patients and Methods: A retrospective, observational study based on chart review of adult patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ITP was conducted at a German university hospital. Costs are presented from the hospital perspective. Results: Of 50 eligible patients, 45 could be classified by disease duration: 19 patients < 3 months (38%, newly diagnosed ITP), 12 patients >= 3 to < 12 months (24%, persistent ITP), 19 patients >= 12 months (38%, chronic ITP). Complications included 85 bleeding events in 43 patients, including 3 intracranial haemorrhages. Documented were 955 outpatient visits in 43 patients (86%) and 92 inpatient hospital admissions in 45 patients (90%). Of the 46 patients (92%) treated, all received corticosteroids, 25 (50%) intravenous immunoglobulin, and 7 (14%) further therapies. 12 patients (24%) underwent splenectomy. Average total direct medical costs (mean (standard deviation)) were (sic) 17,091 ((sic) 18,859) per patient, (sic) 12,749 ((sic) 11,663) in 17 newly diagnosed ITP patients with a 0.88-month (0.65 months) average disease duration, and (sic) 29,868 ((sic) 29,397) in 13 chronic ITP patients with a 33.5-month (16.8 months) average disease duration. Inpatient stays were the main cost drivers. Conclusion: These data concerning current healthcare provision for ITP patients in Germany indicate considerable resource consumption and the need for more effective treatment options in individual patients.

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