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Heinemann, Volker (2003): Stand und Perspektiven der Chemotherapie beim anthrazyklinvorbehandelten Mammakarzinom – Ergebnisse randomisierter Studien. In: Onkologie, No. 7: pp. 11-16 [PDF, 70kB]

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Randomized trials performed in anthracycline-pretreated breast cancer patients have demonstrated good activity of taxane-based regimens. In a face to face comparison, single-agent docetaxel proved to be significantly more effective than paclitaxel. Treatment with docetaxel was also associated with an increased incidence of grade grade-3/4 toxicities in this trial. Antitumor activity of taxane-based combination regimens was clearly superior to single-agent therapy in two trials. As anticipated, treatment-associated toxicity was greater with combination regimens, but this did not affect quality of life.

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