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Rujescu, Dan; Giegling, Ina; Dahmen, N.; Szegedi, A.; Anghelescu, I.; Gietl, A.; Schäfer, M.; Müller-Siecheneder, F.; Bondy, Brigitta and Möller, Hans-Jürgen (2000): Association study of suicidal behavior and affective disorders with a genetic polymorphism in ABCG1, a positional candidate on chromosome 21q22.3. In: Neuropsychobiology, No. 1: pp. 22-25 [PDF, 161kB]


The gene that codes for the ABC transporter ABCG1 is located in a chromosomal susceptibility region (21q22.3) for affective disorders. Genetic variations in ABCG1 have been associated with affective disorders in Japanese males. In this study, we investigated the distribution of a G2457A polymorphism in patients with affective disorders, suicide attempters with various psychiatric diagnoses and healthy subjects, We initially found a trend towards a modest association with affective disorders in males (p = 0.046 for allele frequencies and p = 0.046 for AA versus GG). We conducted a replication study with independent patients and controls, There was no association with affective disorders, either in the replication or in the combined group, Furthermore, we found no association with suicidal behavior, These findings do not support the hypothesis that ABCG1 is a susceptibility gene for affective disorders or suicidal behavior. Copyright (C) 2000 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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