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Holzinger, Andreas; Bonfig, Walter; Kusser, Beate; Eggermann, Thomas; Müller, Herbert and Münch, Hans-Georg (2006): Use of long-term microdialysis subcutaneous glucose monitoring in the management of neonatal diabetes - A first case report. In: Biology of the Neonate, No. 2: pp. 88-91 [PDF, 106kB]


In neonatal diabetes mellitus (NDM), a rare genetic disorder, insulin therapy is required but the management is difficult. Frequent blood glucose determinations are necessary in most cases. Microdialysis subcutaneous glucose monitoring (MSGM) is feasible in neonates and has been proposed to reduce painful blood sampling and blood loss. We have applied long-term MSGM to a small-fordate female newborn with transient NDM. We found a good correlation of subcutaneous and blood glucose concentration over a wide range of values. MSGM enabled a reduction in blood glucose determinations during optimization of intravenous insulin treatment and initiation of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. We conclude that long-term MSGM is feasible and may reduce painful blood sampling and blood loss in NDM. Furthermore, long-term MSGM may hold a potential for avoiding hypoglycemic episodes and earlier discharge. Copyright (C) 2006 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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