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Kiselev, V. G.; Hahn, Klaus and Auer, Dorothee P. (2002): Is the Brain Cortex a Fractal? Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 297 [PDF, 392kB]


The question is analysed if the human cerebral cortex is self similar in a statistical sense, a property which is usually referred to as being a fractal. The presented analysis includes all spatial scales from the brain size to the ultimate image resolution. Results obtained in two healthy volunteers show that the self similarity does take place down to the spatial scale of 2.5 mm. The obtained fractal dimensions read D=2.73±.05 and D=2.67±.05 correspondingly, which is in good agreement with previously reported results. The new calculational method is volumetric and is based on the fast Fourier Transform of segmented three dimensional high resolved magnetic resonance images. Engagement of FFT enables a simple interpretation of the results and achieves a high performance, which is necessary to analyse the entire cortex.

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