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Spranger, Matthias; Spranger, S.; Schwab, S.; Benninger, C.; Dichgans, Martin (1999): Familial hemiplegic migraine with cerebellar ataxia and paroxysmal psychosis. In: European Neurology, No. 3: pp. 150-152


Familial hemiplegic migraine is a rare autosomal dominant disorder associated with stereotypic neurologic au ra phenomena including hemiparesis, So far two chromosomal loci have been identified. Families linked to the chromosome 19 locus display missense mutations within the CACNL1A4 gene. Here we report on a family with familial hemiplegic migraine and cerebellar ataxia with recurrent episodes of acute paranoid psychosis with anxiety and visual hallucinations associated with migraine attacks. Based on the clinical and haplotype evidence indicating linkage to chromosome 19 in this family, we hypothesize that a dysfunction of the mutated calcium channel may be involved not only in the development of hemiplegic migraine but also in the acute psychotic episodes observed in these patients.