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Frick, Eckhard; Storkebaum, Sibylle; Fegg, Martin (2000): "Mein Herz hat mich nie im Stich gelassen!" Innere Bilder im Prozess der Inkorporation einestransplantierten Herzens. In: Analytische Psychologie, No. 3: pp. 159-185


Harvey's modern insight into the archetypal idea of the heart as the centre of blood motion transforms the heart into a machine which becomes a spare part interchangeable from any chest to any other {[}Hillman]. As we try to show in the case of Elmar, a 41-year-old technician 2 years after his transplantation, the possibilities of cardiac surgery and its archetypal foundations do not exclude a personalized and symbolic vision of both the `old' heart and the `new' one. Intrapersonal and therapeutic issues of this `inter-cardiac conflict' are discussed.