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Furche, Tim; Linse, Benedikt; Bry, François; Plexousakis, Dimitris; Gottlob, Georg (2007): RDF Querying. Language Constructs and Evaluation Methods Compared. Reasoning Web 2006: Summer School, 4. - 8. September 2006, Lisbon, Portugal.


Reactive Web systems, Web services, and Web-based publish/ subscribe systems communicate events as XML messages, and in many cases require composite event detection: it is not sufficient to react to single event messages, but events have to be considered in relation to other events that are received over time. Emphasizing language design and formal semantics, we describe the rule-based query language XChangeEQ for detecting composite events. XChangeEQ is designed to completely cover and integrate the four complementary querying dimensions: event data, event composition, temporal relationships, and event accumulation. Semantics are provided as model and fixpoint theories; while this is an established approach for rule languages, it has not been applied for event queries before.