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Kraus, Michael, Bry, François and Kitagawa, Kazuhiro (2003): XML Document Adaptation Queries (XDAQ). An Approach to Adaptation Reasoning Using Web Query Languages. PPSWR 2003, International Workshop on Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning, 9. - 13. Dezember 2003, Mumbai, India. [PDF, 184kB]


Adaptive web applications combine data retrieval on the web with reasoning so as to generate context dependent contents. The data is retrieved either as content or as context specifications. Content data is, for example, fragments of a textbook or e-commerce catalogue, whereas context data is, for example, a user model or a device profile. Current adaptive web applications are often implemented using ad hoc and heterogeneous techniques. This paper describes a novel approach called ”XML Document Adaptation Queries (XDAQ)” requiring less heterogeneous software components. The approach is based on using a web query language for data retrieval (content as well as context) and on a novel generic formalism to express adaptation. The approach is generic in the sense that it is applicable with all web query and transformation languages, for example with XQuery and XSLT.

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