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Lundwall, A.; Band, V.; Blaber, M.; Clements, J A; Courty, Y.; Diamandis, E P; Fritz, H.; Liija, H.; Malm, J.; Maltais, L J; Olsson, A Y; Petraki, C.; Scorilas, A.; Sotiropoulou, G.; Stenman, Ulf-Hakan; Stephan, C.; Talieri, M.; Yousef, G M (2006): A comprehensive nomenclature for serine proteases with homology to tissue kallikreins. In: Biological Chemistry, Vol. 387, No. 6: pp. 637-641


The human kallikrein locus on chromosome 19q13.3-13.4 contains kallikrein 1 - the tissue kallikrein - and 14 related serine proteases. Recent investigations into their function and evolution have indicated that the present nomenclature for these proteins is inadequate or insufficient. Here we present a new nomenclature in which proteins without proven kininogenase activity are denoted kallikrein-related peptidase. Names are also given to the unique rodent proteins that are closely related to kallikrein 1.