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Hinterwimmer, S.; Plitz, W.; Krammer, M. und Baumgart, R. (2002): Banddehnungsmessung am Kniegelenk - Der Dehnungsmeßstreifen und seine Alternativen. In: Biomedizinische Technik, Vol. 47, Nr. 5: S. 130-135


Those techniques for measuring ligament tension at the knee joint that are most commonly cited and easiest to carry out are discussed, These include four techniques based on the use of strain gauges. Apart from the Omega transducer and the buckle transducer, there is also the tendon force transducer, and the application of strain gauges to the bony ligament insertion sites, Other indirect measuring methods considered are the mercury strain transducer and the Hall effect transducer. The parameter measured with all of these methods is fluctuating current or voltage, which is then correlated with ligament tension. Three direct measurements are also discussed: the separation distances of marked fibres of the ligaments, replacement of fibres by threads, and a load cell/bone plug construction. The measured value is equated with the effective change in ligament length.