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Klier, C. M.; Nelson, E. L.; Cohen, C. D.; Horuk, R.; Schlöndorff, D. und Nelson, P. J. (2001): Chemokine-induced secretion of gelatinase B in primary human monocytes. In: Biological Chemistry, Vol. 382, Nr. 9: S. 1405-1410


Chemokines help control normal leukocyte trafficking as well as their infiltration into tissues during acute and chronic inflammation. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) help support the extravasation and infiltration of leukocytes through limited proteolysis of basement membranes and matrix material. The effect of the chemokines RANTES/CCL5, MCP-1/CCL and SDF-1 /CXCL12 on secretion of the matrix metalloproteinase B and its endogenous inhibitor TIMP-1 was studied. RANTES/CCL5 and SDF-1/CXCL12 were found to induce MMP-9 secretion in primary human monocytes while TIMP-1 secretion was not affected. RANTES/CCL5 effects were mediated through CCR1 because the CCR1 antagonist BX471 was found to effectively block RANTES/CCL5-induced MMP-9 secretion.