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Kusser, B.; Braun, A.; Praun, M.; Illi, S.; Mutius, Erika von; Roscher, A. A. (2001): Polymorphisms in the bradykinin B2 receptor gene and childhood asthma. In: Biological Chemistry, Vol. 382, No. 5: pp. 885-889


Bradykinin has been suggested as one of the key mediators of bronchial asthma. Polymorphisms with a potential functional relevance have been described in the B2 bradykinin receptor gene. Study of these polymorphisms in 77 children with asthma and 73 controls revealed no association. However, when comparing the asthmatics according to their age at onset (before and after age 4), the exon 1 allele BE1-2G was significantly associated with late-onset asthma (p <0.05). Since BE1-2G has previously been shown to lead to a higher transcription rate of the B2 receptor, this result warrants further investigation of the role of bradykinin in conferring susceptibility to pediatric asthma.