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Feicht, W.; Buchner, A. und Riesenberg, R. (2001): Entwicklung eines Inkubationssystems für ein inverses Mikroskop zur Langzeitbeobachtung von Zellkulturen in gekammerten Objektträgern. In: Biomedizinische Technik, Vol. 46, Nr. 5: S. 133-136


Trifunctional bispecific antibodies open up new immunological possibilities in tumour treatment. Prior to clinical application, comprehensive investigations using animal models and in vitro examinations need to be done. To investigate long-term interactions between Various immunologically active blood cells and individual tumour cells in the presence of antibodies, we developed an incubation system for experimental cell cultures on an inverted microscope. The system consists of a perspex box with a central moisture chamber with integrated water reservoir, external air circulation heating, and a CO2 supply. The sterile cell cultures are located in the wells of a slide positioned within a depression in the water reservoir. The newly developed incubation system enables continuous observation over the long term of experiments under optimal cell cultures conditions in combination with modern video techniques.