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Maier, M.; Ueberle, F.; Rupprecht, G. (1998): Physikalische Parameter extrakorporaler Stoßwellen. In: Biomedizinische Technik, Vol. 43, No. 10: pp. 269-274


Prerequisites for the successful investigation of the mechanism of action of ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) and the establishment of treatment standards, are the ability to measure, and a knowledge of, the physical parameters involved. The most accurate measurements are obtained with laser hydrophones. Various parameters (amplitude, rise time, pulse width, pressure pulse decay, rarification phase) of a typical shock wave can thus be determined. These can then be used to calculate energy flux density, focal extent, focal volume and as well as focal energy, effective energy in a defined area, and effective biological energy. These parameters can be utilized to work out a theoretical treatment protocol.