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Kocher, Martin G. and Sutter, Matthias (June 2001): The Institutional Concentration of Authors in Top Journals of Economics during the Last Two Decades. In: The Economic Journal, Vol. 111, No. 472: pp. 405-421

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This paper addresses the institutional concentration of authors in 15 top economics journals from 1977 to 1997. The concentration of authors' PhD affiliations is substantially higher than the concentration of authors' current affiliations. Relating input indicators, such as population, number of universities with economics departments, or manpower in economics, to publication output reduces the US dominance considerably, whereas Israel and the United Kingdom come out excellently. Exporters and importers of PhDs among universities are identified. Concentration ratios like the Herfindahl-Index lack a clear time trend. Nevertheless, the position of the United States has been weakening in recent years.

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