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Kroy, Klaus; Frey, Erwin; Hallatschek, Oskar (7. March 2007): Tension dynamics in semiflexible polymers. Part II: Scaling solutions and applications. In: Physical Review E, Vol. 75, 031906


In Part I of this contribution, a systematic coarse-grained description of the dynamics of a weakly-bending semiflexible polymer was developed. Here, we discuss analytical solutions of the established deterministic partial integro-differential equation for the spatio-temporal relaxation of the backbone tension. For prototypal experimental situations, such as the sudden application or release of a strong external pulling force, it is demonstrated that the tensile dynamics reflects the self-affine conformational fluctuation spectrum in a variety of intermediate asymptotic power laws. Detailed and explicit analytical predictions for the tension propagation and relaxation and corresponding results for common observables, such as the end-to-end distance, are obtained.