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Munk, Tobias; Höfling, Felix; Frey, Erwin; Franosch, Thomas (3. Februar 2008): Effective Perrin theory for the anisotropic diffusion of a strongly hindered rod. In: EPL (Europhysics Letters), Vol. 85, Nr. 3, 30003: S. 47


Slender rods in concentrated suspensions constitute strongly interacting systems with rich dynamics: transport slows down drastically and the anisotropy of the motion becomes arbitrarily large. We develop a mesoscopic description of the dynamics down to the length scale of the interparticle distance. Our theory is based on the exact solution of the Smoluchowski-Perrin equation; it is in quantitative agreement with extensive Brownian dynamics simulations in the dense regime. In particular, we show that the tube confinement is characterised by a power law decay of the intermediate scattering function with exponent 1/2