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Reichenbach, Tobias; Franosch, Thomas und Frey, Erwin (2008): Domain wall delocalization, dynamics and fluctuations in an exclusion process with two internal states. In: European Physical Journal E, Vol. 27, Nr. 1: S. 47-56


We investigate the delocalization transition appearing in an exclusion process with two internal states resp. on two parallel lanes. At the transition, delocalized domain walls form in the density profiles of both internal states, in agreement with a mean-field approach. Remarkably, the topology of the system's phase diagram allows for the delocalization of a (localized) domain wall when approaching the transition. We quantify the domain wall's delocalization close to the transition by analytic results obtained within the framework of the domain wall picture. Power-law dependences of the domain wall width on the distance to the delocalization transition as well as on the system size are uncovered, they agree with numerical results