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Neuhaus, Anneke; Augustin, Thomas; Heumann, Christian and Daumer, Martin (2006): A Review on Joint Models in Biometrical Research. Collaborative Research Center 386, Discussion Paper 506 [PDF, 259kB]


In some fields of biometrical research joint modelling of longitudinal measures and event time data has become very popular. This article reviews the work in that area of recent fruitful research by classifying approaches on joint models in three categories: approaches with focus on serial trends, approaches with focus on event time data and approaches with equal focus on both outcomes. Typically longitudinal measures and event time data are modelled jointly by introducing shared random effects or by considering conditional distributions together with marginal distributions. We present the approaches in an uniform nomenclature, comment on sub-models applied to longitudinal measures and event time data outcomes individually and exemplify applications in biometrical research.

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