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Meier, Volker (1994): Long-run migration incentives and migration effects: the case of different fertility rates. In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Vol. 213, No. 3: pp. 321-338
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In this paper the direction of the long-run migration incentive in the presence of closed borders and the long-run welfare effects of a regime change from ’autarky’ to ’free permanent migration’ are studied. A difference in birth-country specific fertility rates is treated as the final cause for the creation of migration incentives in a two-country model where the standard overlapping-generations framework is used....Opening the borders for permanent migration can always lead to the equalization of labour force growth rates. A continuum of such equilibria with migration does exist, but the application of the concept of migration-stability, introduced in this paper, gives reason to the suspicion that free migration can also lead to a collapse of the emigration country’s economy.\" (SUMMARY IN GER) excerpt