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Pittel, Karen; Rübbelke, Dirk T. G. (2004): Environmentally sustainable economic growth. In: International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, Vol. 4, No. 1-3: pp. 1-10
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The main purpose of this introductory chapter is to be briefly review the ongoing debate in the field of sustainability and economic growth. First we provide an introduction to current empirical research. Results of empirical analyses as well as methodological problems concerning the analysis of the interrelation between income growth and environmental degradation are presented. The section is followed by a review of theoretical research with special emphasis being on the literature on endogenous growth and the environment. We show how the contributions of this Special Issue (Amigues et al., Grimaud/Rouge, Soretz) might fill some of the gaps of the existing literature. Finally, the last section deals with the second focal point of this Special Issue: the situation developing countries face with respect to growth-sustainability issues. The focus here is specifically on health and fertility related aspects (Borghesi/Vercelli, Buchner/Galeotti as well as Heer/Trede) and environmental aid (Pfaff et al.).