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Caro, Francis G.; Ho, Teck H.; McFadden, Daniel L.; Gottlieb, Alison S.; Yee, Christine; Chan, Taizan; Winter, Joachim ORCID: 0000-0003-2460-619X (2009): Using Internet‐Based Vignette Methods to Understand Elder Residential Choices. Paper / Gerontology Institute Publications, 65
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This paper illustrates an innovative method of administering fractional factorial surveys (vignettes) using the internet. The approach makes it possible to use video clips to deliver information. The method also provides subjects with interactive options before making judgments. A study to determine the views of older people regarding residential options is used to illustrate the method. The study found that the following characteristics of vignette persons affected subject recommendations: personal introduction, functional status, social network, and current housing characteristics. However, characteristics of retirement community features and personal financial status did not affect recommendations.