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Lyon, Aidan; Grossel, Geoff; Burgman, Mark and Nunn, Mike (2013): Using Internet Intelligence to Manage Biosecurity Risks: A Case Study for Aquatic Animal Health. In: Diversity and Distributions, Vol. 19, No. 5-6: pp. 640-650

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AquaticHealth.net is an open-source aquatic biosecurity intelligence gathering and analysis application. The system collects information in much the same way as other similar systems (e.g. HealthMap, BioCaster). However, the information collected undergoes minimal automated analysis, and analysis is largely left to AquaticHealth.net's users. The result is an automated system of intelligence gathering, combined with a manual system of intelligence analysis. This approach relies on a large number of users, and so AquaticHealth.net relies on an open-intelligence analysis method: any user can publish their own analyses for all to see and analyse further. By combining automated data collection and human analysis, AquaticHealth.net will provide fast and accurate forecasts, accompanied with nuanced explanations. These methods can be applied to other areas of biosecurity and disease surveillance.

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