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Reutlinger, Alexander (2013): Can Interventionists Be Neo-Russellians? Interventionism, the Open Systems Argument, and the Arrow of Entropy. In: International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 27, No. 3: pp. 273-293 [PDF, 302kB]

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Several proponents of the interventionist theory of causation have recently argued for a neo-Russellian account of causation. The article discusses two strategies for interventionists to be neo-Russellians. First, I argue that the open systems argument---the main argument for a neo-Russellian account advocated by interventionists---fails. Second, I explore and discuss an alternative for interventionists who wish to be neo-Russellians: the statistical--mechanical account. Although the latter account is an attractive alternative, it is argued that interventionists are not able to adopt it straightforwardly. Hence, to be neo-Russellians remains a challenge for interventionists.

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