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Adam, Tim R.; Burg, Valentin; Scheinert, Tobias and Streitz, Daniel (23. July 2014): Managerial Optimism and Debt Contract Design: The Case of Syndicated Loans. SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 475 [PDF, 617kB]


We examine the impact of managerial optimism on the inclusion of performance-pricing provisions in syndicated loan contracts (PSD). Optimistic managers may view PSD as a relatively cheap form of financing given their upwardly biased expectations about the firm’s future cash flow. Indeed, we find that optimistic managers are more likely to issue PSD, and choose contracts with greater performance-pricing sensitivity than rational managers. Consistent with their biased expectations, firms with optimistic managers perform worse than firms with rational managers after issuing PSD. Our results indicate that behavioral aspects can affect contract design in the market for syndicated loans.

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