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Schäuble, Claudia Luise; Hampel, Regina; Breitner, Susanne; Rückerl, Regina; Phipps, Richard; Diaz-Sanchez, David; Devlin, Robert B.; Carter, Jacqueline D.; Soukup, Joleen; Silbajoris, Robert; Dailey, Lisa; Koenig, Wolfgang; Cyrys, Josef; Geruschkat, Uta; Belcredi, Petra; Kraus, Ute; Peters, Annette und Schneider, Alexandra E. (September 2012): Short-term effects of air temperature on blood markers of coagulation and inflammation in potentially susceptible individuals. In: Occupational and environmental medicine, Vol. 69, Nr. 9: S. 670-678


Changes in air temperature are associated with an increase in cardiovascular events, but the role of procoagulant and proinflammatory blood markers is still poorly understood. The authors investigated the association between air temperature and fibrinogen, plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1, interleukin-6 and high-sensitivity C reactive protein in two potentially susceptible groups.