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Lendzian, F.; Lubitz, Wolfgang; Steiner, R.; Tränkle, E.; Plato, M.; Scheer, Hugo and Möbius, K. (1986): The radical cation of bacteriochlorophyll b. A liquid-phase endor and triple resonance study. In: Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 126, No. 3-4: pp. 290-296 [PDF, 685kB]


The previous termradical cationnext term of bacterioehlorophyll b (BChl b) is investigated by ENDOR and TRIPLE resonance in liquid solution. The experimental hyperfine coupling constants, ten proton and three nitrogen couplings, are compared with the predictions from advanced molecular-orbital calculations (RHF INDO/SP). The detailed picture obtained of the spin density distribution is a prerequisite for the investigation of the primary electron donor previous termradical cationnext term in BChl b containing photosynthetic bacteria.

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