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McCullough, Peter A.; Bouchard, Josee; Waikar, Sushrut S.; Siew, Edward D.; Endre, Zoltan H.; Goldstein, Stuart L.; Koyner, Jay L.; Macedo, Etienne; Doi, Kent; Di Somma, Salvatore; Lewington, Andrew; Thadhani, Ravi; Chakravarthi, Raj; Ice, Can; Okusa, Mark D.; Duranteau, Jacques; Doran, Peter; Yang, Li; Jaber, Bertrand L.; Meehan, Shane; Kellum, John A.; Haase, Michael; Murray, Patrick T.; Cruz, Dinna; Maisel, Alan; Bagshaw, Sean M.; Chawla, Lakhmir S.; Mehta, Ravindra L.; Shaw, Andrew D.; Ronco, Claudio (2013): Implementation of Novel Biomarkers in the Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Management of Acute Kidney Injury: Executive Summary from the Tenth Consensus Conference of the Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI). In: McCullough, Peter A.; Kellum, John A.; Mehta, R. L.; Murray, P. T.; Ronco, Claudio (eds.) : ADQI Consensus on AKI Biomarkers and Cardiorenal Syndromes. Vol. 182. Karger. pp. 5-12


Detection of acute kidney injury is undergoing a dynamic revolution ofbiomarker technology allowing greater, earlier, and more accuratedetermination of diagnosis, prognosis, and with powerful implication formanagement. Biomarkers can be broadly considered as any measurablebiologic entity or process that allows differentiation between normalfunction and injury or disease. The ADQI (Acute Dialysis QualityInitiative) had its Ninth Consensus Conference dedicated to synthesisand formulation of the existing literature on biomarkers for thedetection of acute kidney injury in a variety of settings. In the papersthat accompany this summary, ADQI workgroups fully develop key conceptsfrom a summary of the literature in the domains of early diagnosis,differential diagnosis, prognosis and management, and concurrentphysiologic and imaging measures.