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Neugebauer, Hermann; Adrion, Christine ORCID: 0000-0003-2408-2533; Glaser, Miriam; Strupp, Michael (2013): Long-Term Changes of Central Ocular Motor Signs in Patients with Vestibular Migraine. In: European Neurology, No. 2: pp. 102-107


Background: A high percentage of patients with vestibular migraine (VM)were reported to have central ocular motor dysfunctions (COMD) in thesymptom-free interval. Since VM is a chronic disorder, it is of interestif COMD worsen over time. Methods: Thirty VM patients and 11 controlpatients participated in an 8-year-long observational study withfollow-up. All patients underwent standardized neuro-ophthalmologicaland neuro-otological examinations at the initial presentation and atfollow-up. The primary outcome measure was change in COMD at follow-up.Results: In general, COMD in the symptom-free interval were subtle,consisting of a saccadic horizontal and/or vertical pursuit.