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Ochmann, Uta; Kotschy-Lang, Nicola; Raab, Wolfgang; Kellberger, Jessica; Nowak, Dennis und Joerres, Rudolf A. (2013): Is an Individual Prediction of Maximal Work Rate by 6-Minute Walk Distance and Further Measurements Reliable in Male Patients with Different Lung Diseases? In: Respiration, Nr. 5: S. 384-392


Background: In patients with chronic lung diseases, the work rate forendurance training is calculated by the maximal work rate (W-max).Because the assessment bears side effects, a prediction by easieraccessible tests would be of practical use. Objective: We addressed thereliability of predicting W-max on the basis of the 6-min walk distance(6MWD) test and a set of further parameters in patients with differentlung diseases. Methods: Baseline data of a longitudinal study including6MWD, W max, peripheral muscle force, lung function, fat-free mass anddyspnea (Modified Medical Research Council score) of 255 men withoccupational lung diseases (104 asthma, 69 asbestosis, 42 silicosis, 40 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) were evaluated.