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Richters, Lisa; Ortmann, Monika; Faust, Michael; Kraemer, Stefan; Mallmann, Peter; Harbeck, Nadia; Rhiem, Kerstin (2013): The Oncological Emergency Case: Paraneoplastic Hypoglycemia in Metastatic Breast Cancer - Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature. In: Breast Care, Nr. 5: S. 368-370


Background: Paraneoplastic hypoglycemia is a rare syndrome amoungtumorous diseases. It is often associated with a paraneoplasticsecretion of ‘big’ insulin-like growth factor-II. Methods: We describethis syndrome in a 60-year-old patient with advanced breast cancer 8years after primary diagnosis. Results and Conclusion: This non-isletcell tumor-induced hypoglycemia may be the only evidence for anotherwise clinically occult disease progression. Fast diagnosis andappropriate acute and causal treatment concepts should be part ofoncological management.