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Untch, Michael; Gerber, Bernd; Harbeck, Nadia; Jackisch, Christian; Marschner, Norbert; Moebus, Volker; Minckwitz, Gunter von; Loibl, Sibylle; Beckmann, Matthias W.; Blohmer, Jens-Uwe; Costa, Serban-Dan; Decker, Thomas; Diel, Ingo; Dimpfl, Thomas; Eiermann, Wolfgang; Fehm, Tanja; Friese, Klaus; Jänicke, Fritz; Janni, Wolfgang; Jonat, Walter; Kiechle, Marion; Köhler, Uwe; Lück, Hans-Joachim; Maass, Nicolai; Possinger, Kurt; Rody, Achim; Scharl, Anton; Schneeweiss, Andreas; Thomssen, Christoph; Wallwiener, Diethelm; Welt, Anja (2013): 13th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference 2013: Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer Evidence, Controversies, Consensus - Opinion of a German Team of Experts (Zurich 2013). In: Breast Care, No. 3: pp. 221-229


The International Consensus Conference on the treatment of primary breast cancer takes place every two years in St. Gallen, Switzerland.The panel in St. Gallen is composed of international experts from different countries. From a German perspective, it seems reasonable to interpret the voting results in the light of AGO-recommendations and S3-guidelines for everyday practice in Germany. Consequently, a team of eight breast cancer experts, of whom two are members of the international St. Gallen panel, commented on the voting results of the St. Gallen Consensus Conference (2013). The main topics at this year’s St. Gallen conference were surgical issues of the breast and axilla, radio-therapeutic and systemic treatment options, and the clinical relevance of tumour biology. The clinical utility of multigene assays for supporting individual treatment decisions was also intensively discussed.